Isn’t it ironic …

by Ben Catley

To show you how something can go awry … read this tale of information going around in circles.

Now, as we wrote about on Bird Droppings on Tuesday, Adam Eaton was apparently headed back to the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Major League camp to possibly fill in for a split-squad game. Wouldn’t have been the first time it happened.

Which is where all of this gets messed up.

Have to thank Scott Zerkle, whom is a big fan of Eaton, and now the Osprey, for helping bring things to light. You see, he was reading Monday’s entry about Adam’s visit into MLB camp this past week, and was reading it to him.

Well – as things would have it – the impression left was that he was getting called up again. Eaton then posted that on his Facebook status, where I caught a glimpse of it, and posted it on Tuesday’s blog.

Turned out Eaton was posting on Facebook based on Monday’s blog entry. Which only had him in camp – because, at the time of posting, he was still on the non-roster invitee list on the D-backs roster. Which usually doesn’t update until closer to game time that day.

Hence, the confusion. So, as far as we know, Eaton, like several other former Osprey, may or may not get called up to big-league camp. There are a handful of split-squad dates left, and as Major League camp continues to thin out, there may be some others who get to fill in for a day with the big boys.

You can also read about the recent roster moves made by the D-backs involving former Osprey here.

It’s hard to write about those moves, or to keep up with them, just for the simple fact that they are usually one-day moves. In Eaton’s case, it only appeared longer. However, before a player is used in a game, he’s placed on a roster – usually added to the non-roster invitees to camp. Both the free-agent invitees and the minor-league invitees end up on the same list.

OK, I just wanted to make it a straight line of information rather than a circle. More coming your way on Thursday. Until then, just know there’s 98 days before Opening Night, and 96 days before the season opener at Helena.

Update note: Strange thing happened a couple of days later – Eaton was back playing a Cactus League game. Both he and Paul Goldschmidt will probably get at least one more look before Spring Training ends.

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