Day 3 list, part 1

Here are the Day 3 picks for the Arizona Diamondbacks, through Round 40. The final 10 rounds are underway, and we’ll have more info on the players as soon as possible:

Round 31 – Matt Jensen, 2B, Cal-Poly SLO/Clovis, CA
Round 32 – Alex Vetter, RHP, Feather River College, NV
Round 33 – Anthony Banda, LHP, Sindor HS, TX
Round 34 – Zachary Jones, C, Stanford
Round 35 – Ross Gerdeman, RHP, Bowling Green
Round 36 – Brian Henry, C, Keystone College (PA)/NJ
Round 37 – Elroy Urbina, LHP, Incarnate Word (TX)
Round 38 – Freeman Jenkins, OF, San Jose State
Round 39 – Chris Ellison, OF, Oklahoma
Round 40 – Seth Simmons, RHP, East Carolina

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