Draft wrap, Stars aplenty and other things …

Oh, yeah … gotta love the MLB Draft. Rapid-fire style picks come down the pike, then the signing process begins, then mini-camp, then teams get formed and players begin their journeys in professional baseball. Oh, the life … and there will be players in Missoula in a few days. Get ready!

Some leftover tidbits from the MLB Draft:
Feature story on the Compensation A Round pick from Monday night’s activities for the D-backs, Andrew Chafin. The arm worries should, at least for now, probably be put to rest.

– And more videos … first, high-school pitcher Archie Bradley, whom the D-backs picked seventh last night:

– And, of course, No. 3 pick Trevor Bauer:

– There are times where you get to see something cool happen during the draft as well … and one of those things happened twice on Day 3 of the draft. An insider note: There was actually a reprimand that came down from the draft folk with MLB during the 37th round. That is apparently when Texas, during the conference call, was talking about taking Jonathan Taylor (story behind it in first link). Both teams made a classy move with picks that are not guaranteed, but in a position where it’s a hit-and-miss prospect whether or not a player will actually sign.

– More than just Ben Roberts were drafted from the state of Montana … a total of four players with Montana ties were selected in the 2011 MLB Draft:
*Catcher Cameron Edman of Florence, who just finished his career at Gonzaga, was drafted in the 29th round by the Baltimore Orioles.
*Joe Pistorese of Kalispell, a left-handed pitcher, was chosen in the 46th round by the Chicago White Sox.
*The other is Sidney native Cole Frenzel, who went to school in Dickinson, ND, and was drafted in the 7th round as well, by the New York Mets. Frenzel just completed his redshirt sophomore season as a first baseman with the University of Arizona.

– Speaking of Roberts, he and his father appeared on Curley’s Coaches on Wednesday, which is now airing on our broadcast home, AM 930, KMPT. So you can catch up on Missoula-area sports, then take a short break, and then join us for Osprey baseball during the season. (Yes, shameless self-promotion.) Matt Ellis, Osprey Executive Vice President, appeared on the show a couple of weeks back, and Osprey radio voice Ben Catley will make an appearance next Wednesday.

Roberts handled the situation about as well as he possibly could. He is signed to head to Washington State to play baseball, but he now has a decision to make.

By the way, if you wonder what the Osprey will be like in 2012, keep an eye on the Arizona League D-backs this summer. Now that there is a feeder team which is a level below the Osprey (outside of the Dominican Summer League), and with the depth of college players taken in this draft, in the words of Jim Ross … “Business is about to pick up around here, boys!”

– So, how did the D-backs do in the draft? Most scouts apparently think they did extremely well.

Now let the signing begin … and, with that, back to the usual blog entries.

Gotta love the blogging prowess of one Tony Barnette (2006), who is pitching in Japan, and doing quite well. Obviously, though, he’s not a fan of fashion statements.

Goldy Watch: The 2009 8th round pick by Arizona hit his 20th home run on Wednesday, tied for the most in professional baseball with Toronto’s Juan Bautista. Goldy was also selected to play in the Southern League All-Star Game, along with former Osprey Taylor Harbin and Ollie Linton. Look for a story soon on MissoulaOsprey.com.

– Resuming tomorrow – some semblance of normalcy. Meaning that we will actually get back to the usual fare in the blog. Just know that as things happen, we will announce them both on here and the website, http://www.MissoulaOsprey.com.

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