June 20 stuff …

Weather in Billings: Clouds early, then beautiful. Will post pics from BP today.

The lineups:

Missoula (1-1)
14 Pedro Ruiz SS
9 Danny Pulfer 2B
18 Jake Lamb 3B
33 Rudy Flores DH
7 Michael Perez C
21 Breland Almadova CF
17 Ty Linton LF
15 Justin Bianco RF
30 Tyler Bream 1B
45 Andrew Barbosa LHP

Billings (1-1)
25 Jon Matthews CF
11 Sammy Diaz SS
23 Jesse Winker RF
35 Carlos Sanchez 1B
15 Gabriel Rosa 3B
21 Spencer Dickinson LF
5 Taylor Wrenn 2B
50 Fray Sosa C
6 Brandon Dailey DH
62 Lucas O’Rear RHP

Should be around 70 degrees at gametime, and there is still a small threat of showers in the forecast. Andy Green is on the pre-game tonight, and we will also go through some of the names making waves in the Pioneer League two games into the season. We’re on at 6:40 at AM 930, KMPT locally, and on MissoulaOsprey.com for those out of the Missoula area.



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