June 2012

Lineups ready for BrewFest day …

As we post this today, the Osprey BrewFest is going on as we speak. Fans are already showing up and taking advantage of the 15 area brews on hand, and the $3 charge for the wristband includes your first 7 oz. pour. Additional pours are just $1 each. Food and entertainment will also be available as the day continues.

The Osprey open a big four-game series with the Billings Mustangs tonight. The O’s are just three games back of the front-running Mustangs, who share the best record in the Pioneer League with the Ogden Raptors.

Here’s the lineups and other notes to know … (more…)

Lineups and Notes, June 29 (yeah, take two …)

Looking like we will have a good night for baseball at Ogren Park Allegiance Field tonight … should be a good chance to see if the Osprey can go to 5-1 at home. Gates open at 5:30 for Happy Hour Night, with the Smokejumper Firefighter Bobblehead given out to the first 750 fans. (more…)

Cycles, Lineups and All-Stars

Here’s the skinny and the lineups … we’ll have more on the Danny Pulfer cycle night coming up in the game notes, and we will also have some other info, but first, an update on the Triple-A All-Star Game.

Three former Osprey will be starting for both teams at the Triple-A All-Star Game, set for July 11 in Buffalo. We managed to break the story after receiving word on Twitter, and posted on various Twitter feeds, as well as mentioned during the broadcast last night. (more…)

Lineups, Game Notes for June 27

by Ben Catley

After a little hiccup with the lineups, we’re ready to go at Ogren Park Allegiance Field. The Osprey and Helena Brewers will start a three-game series tonight at 7:05.

Remember, Montana Office of Public Instruction Superintendent¬†Denise Juneau will be on hand tonight to speak to the crowd and throw out the first pitch. It’s the first night where students that participated in the Missoula Osprey Hit the Books program will be redeeming their ticket vouchers, and Juneau will be on hand to voice her support for the program, which has taken place in Missoula-area schools since the club’s first season in 1999.

The pre-game guest is up in the air. It may be manager Andy Green, but since we were supposed to talk to VP/GM Jeff Griffin and air it during the road trip, we’ll try to catch up with him if his busy schedule allows. Tomorrow, we’ve confirmed that pitcher Andrew Barbosa will be our pre-game guest. (more…)

Lineups from Helena and more …

It’s windy in Helena. Big time. And with the wildfires already close to the edge of town, the fact that it has been windy is scary. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those people who have been affected by the fire.

The lineups are posted, so here’s what we have tonight for both teams.

Missoula (4-4)
Pedro Ruiz SS
Breland Almadova CF
Jake Lamb 3B
Kyle Koeneman 1B
Rudy Flores DH
Yosbel Gutierrez C
Ty Linton LF
Justin Bianco RF
John Leonard 2B
Karl Triana RHP

Helena (2-8)
Raul Mondesi, Jr. CF
Chris McFarland 2B
Michael Reed RF
Michael Garza 3B
Mike Nemeth 1B
Emmanuel Quiles DH
Paul Eshelman C
Alfredo Rodriguez SS
Ruben Ozuna LF
Leonard Lorenzo RHP

More on the end of last night’s game, and our pre-game interview, Jake Lamb, coming shortly. We’re on the air at 6:40, with the first pitch from Kindrick Legion Field set for 7:05 on AM 930, KMPT, or online at MissoulaOsprey.com.

Lineups for Game 1 in Helena

by Ben Catley

Welcome in from Kindrick Legion Field. The lineups are posted, and here’s tonight’s batting order:

Missoula (3-4)
Pedro Ruiz SS
Socrates Brito CF
Jake Lamb 3B
Breland Almadova RF
Michael Perez C
Rudy Flores 1B
Ty Linton LF
Danny Pulfer 2B
Kevin Dultz DH
Andrew Barbosa LHP

Helena (2-5)
Raul Mondesi, Jr. RF
Chris McFarland DH
Michael Reed CF
Michael Garza 3B
Emmanuel Quiles C
Adam Giacalone 1B
Yonki Hernandez LF
Kevin Berard SS
Adrian Williams 2B
Eric Semmelhack RHP

O’s skipper Andy Green – who played on this field in 2000 – will be tonight’s pre-game interview. It’s hot here, temps in the 90s, but it’s also windy. Will let you know how it affects the baseball during the game. Headed down now for batting practice .. talk to you in a few.

Lineups for 6-24 and Game Notes

OK … back to work, right!!

We’ll try to get back to a better habit of posting lineups and such … today, we will have game notes and the alumni update. Anyway, here are today’s starting lineups:

Great Falls Voyagers
Overall: 4-2
Manager: Ryan Newman
No. Player Pos. Avg. HR RBI
6 Adam Heisler CF .261 0 4
3 Micah Johnson 2B .407 1 4
14 Andrew Douglas LF .250 0 1
22 Kyle Robinson RF .480 0 3
31 Abe Ruiz 1B .333 0 1
12 Brent Tanner DH .417 1 3
7 Steve Nikorak 3B .444 1 4
19 Zac Fisher C .000 0 0
9 Justin Jirschele SS .000 0 1
17 Thomas Royse 0-1 4.91 1-1 RHP
Starting Pitcher Stats W-L ERA G-GS
Missoula Osprey
Overall: 2-4
Manager: Andy Green
No. Player Pos. Avg. HR RBI
14 Pedro Ruiz 2B .350 1 2
19 Socrates Brito CF .240 0 2
18 Jake Lamb 3B .444 0 5
33 Rudy Flores 1B .167 0 0
7 Michael Perez C .200 1 3
30 Tyler Bream DH .357 0 2
17 Ty Linton LF .105 1 3
15 Justin Bianco RF .182 0 2
12 John Leonard SS .091 0 0
44 Chris Pack 0-0 1.50 1-1 RHP
Starting Pitcher Stats W-L ERA G-GS
Umpires: Home Plate Farris Pearson
First Base Charlie Ramos


Lineups for June 21 …

It’s a warm one in Billings. Temps in the 80s for game time tonight, with Yoimer Camacho getting the start for the Osprey. Let’s see if we can split the road trip and head back to Missoula and take care of business.

Here are tonight’s starting lineups:

Missoula (1-2)
9 Danny Pulfer 2B
19 Socrates Brito RF
18 Jake Lamb 3B
39 Kyle Koeneman DH
33 Rudy Flores 1B
21 Breland Almadova CF
17 Ty Linton LF
26 Yosbel Gutierrez C
12 John Leonard SS
48 Yoimer Camacho RHP

Billings (2-1)
11 Sammy Diaz 2B
40 Robert Ramirez 3B
23 Jesse Winker RF
16 Robert Maddox 1B
21 Spencer Dickinson LF
5 Taylor Wrenn DH
18 Brennan May CF
34 Wagner Gomez C
6 Brandon Dailey SS
54 Sal Romano RHP

O’s pitching coach Gil Heredia is the scheduled guest for pre-game tonight. On the air at 6:40, with the first pitch at 7:05 on AM 930, KMPT, and MissoulaOsprey.com.


June 20 stuff …

Weather in Billings: Clouds early, then beautiful. Will post pics from BP today.

The lineups:

Missoula (1-1)
14 Pedro Ruiz SS
9 Danny Pulfer 2B
18 Jake Lamb 3B
33 Rudy Flores DH
7 Michael Perez C
21 Breland Almadova CF
17 Ty Linton LF
15 Justin Bianco RF
30 Tyler Bream 1B
45 Andrew Barbosa LHP

Billings (1-1)
25 Jon Matthews CF
11 Sammy Diaz SS
23 Jesse Winker RF
35 Carlos Sanchez 1B
15 Gabriel Rosa 3B
21 Spencer Dickinson LF
5 Taylor Wrenn 2B
50 Fray Sosa C
6 Brandon Dailey DH
62 Lucas O’Rear RHP

Should be around 70 degrees at gametime, and there is still a small threat of showers in the forecast. Andy Green is on the pre-game tonight, and we will also go through some of the names making waves in the Pioneer League two games into the season. We’re on at 6:40 at AM 930, KMPT locally, and on MissoulaOsprey.com for those out of the Missoula area.



Lineups for June 19, and a newbie …

OK, first to the lineups …

Missoula (1-0)
14 Pedro Ruiz SS
19 Socrates Brito CF
18 Jake Lamb 3B
39 Kyle Koeneman 1B
7 Michael Perez DH
21 Breland Almadova LF
26 Yosbel Gutierrez C
15 Justin Bianco RF
12 John Leonard 2B
44 Chris Pack RHP

Billings (0-1)
25 Jon Matthews CF
40 Robert Ramirez 2B
23 Jesse Winker LF
16 Robert Maddox DH
35 Carlos Sanchez 1B
15 Gabriel Rosa 3B
18 Brennan May RF
34 Wagner Gomez C
6 Brandon Dailey SS
43 Robert Stephenson RHP

Stephenson was a 1st round pick by the Cincnnati Reds in the 2011 MLB Draft. His biggest asset is a mid-90s fastball. The Osprey jumped all over fastballs last night, to the tune of 21 hits.

– The Osprey also have added a player – 21st round pick in the 2012 MLB Draft, first baseman Rudy Flores. He was limited to only a handful of games this past spring at Florida International, but has a track record of being a solid hitter with some pop. And at 6-foot-3, 200 pounds, he also fits the Osprey mode of first basemen of the recent past, as of course does his new teammate, Kyle Koeneman.

Hot Starts
So, how rare is it for the Osprey to win their opening game of the season. They are now 3-11 in season openers, and snapped an 11-game losing streak in that department with Monday’s win in Billings.

So, the question is … what is the best start in Osprey history? Try 2-0. That’s what the 1999 team started out at before losing a game. They promptly lost two straight, were 4-3 after seven games … then ripped of a six-game winning streak – and won 12 of 13 games – on their way to a first-half title.

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