January 2013

The Upton Trade from a former Osprey angle

by Ben Catley

So the Arizona Diamondbacks finally pulled the trigger on trading Justin Upton. To the D-backs, they were waiting to make the right deal, and while some of their targets changed, and some of the names from the Atlanta Braves are not what most had hoped for, they managed to be able to make a move in mass numbers to make it a deal worth doing.

Of course, if you ask what the general feel is on the trade … well, some really don’t like it. Others felt it wasn’t the best idea, but it could turn out fine. And others will wait to see what happens with anxiousness.

The tendency, however, for a Missoula Osprey fan to be wondering is – what does this mean for our guys??

This can be looked at from two levels – the most recent wave of players who have been here, and the current Osprey alumni roaming the outfield on the D-backs roster. (more…)

Bird Droppings a Top 100 MLB.com Blog … again!

For the second year in a row, Bird Droppings has been recognized as a Top 100 MLB.com blog. The blog received over 14,000 hits during the 2012 calendar year, and held its ground by staying on the list for the second consecutive season.

Bird Droppings is the official blog for the Missoula Osprey, with an emphasis on covering news from all sorts of Osprey angles. Everything from starting lineups and game notes during the season, videos, news about former Osprey players and new about upcoming events and promotions as well are included in the blog.

A big thanks goes out to all who read Bird Droppings on a regular basis for making this happen once again. We’ll have more on this achievement soon on MissoulaOsprey.com.

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