Breaking down the 2013 Schedule … somewhat

by Ben Catley

Now that the 2013 Pioneer Baseball League schedule is out, I can sit back, take a look at it, and see things that Osprey fans have not seen for a while – and I can’t ever remember seeing. (I also love it when I see some of this stuff and immediately think of ideas for the Osprey record book …)

Here are some things that jumped out to me – some of which I like, some which I am not sold on, but will probably find just fine as 2013 rolls on.

  • For one, the first South Division swing will begin early – July 9, to be exact. That means that both Ogden and Idaho Falls will be here before the MLB All-Star Game takes place. That traditional day off will be a travel day for the Osprey, as they head to Ogden. Good thing there are plenty of places within walking distance to take in the All-Star game and get a bite to eat there … on a serious note, though, that works into the favor of the Osprey, who will get a chance to get settled in before starting a three-game series at Lindquist Field – the place where the Osprey won the Pioneer League Championship.
  • When the Osprey return from Idaho Falls, they hop right back into North Division play the next night with the start of a three-game series against the Great Falls Voyagers. The day off will instead come at the end of the first half.
  • Speaking of the end of the first half – which is July 29 – and the day off that follows. Poetic justice, to be honest. The next half should start after you have had a day off to recharge the batteries.
  • One of my favorite things about the schedule from our prospective – shorter homestands. Outside of the two seven-game stays which are against South Division squads, the longest homestand will be six games – two against Helena on August 1-2, and four more against our pals from Billings on August 3-6. Otherwise, it’s three-game or four-game stays until the last homestand of the season, which will be against the same team – Great Falls.
  • Monday, August 12, will feature a unique day – the Osprey game at Great Falls will be one of only two on the schedule. This is because that will be a travel day for Grand Junction to get to Missoula, which means that the Rockies will be in Missoula way before the Osprey get back home.
  • The longest road trip follows that seven-game homestand, as the Osprey will likely take off right after they play Orem to head down to Grand Junction to begin the seven-game road trip. The trip itself will emcompass nine days of travel, with the team arriving back in Missoula after sunrise on August 28.

The season ends with a four-game series against the Billings Mustangs at Dehler Park. Hopefully, there will be either a lot riding on that series, or the O’s will be gearing up for the playoffs and the defense of their title.

However, that is a long way away … but, before you know it, it will be here. Season tickets are available now, so come and see us at the MSO Hub Box Office or call (406) 543-3300 to find out how to get your hands on the same seats for all 38 Osprey home games.

Until then … back to the ideas. Now to break down the Osprey wins and losses by day …


  1. jrsterusa1

    Awesome Ben, The K-Crew is already getting excited for the upcoming Season, Planning new idea’s and fun…. 🙂 John,Cory, Edd

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