Some stat analysis …

The question has been posed – with the Osprey at 18-5 in the month of July, is this the best month ever? Well, it can be looked at in two ways – by win percentage, and by total number of wins. So, here we go …

First, the record for the number of wins in a month – based on what we have been able to gather, thanks in part to Stats, Inc., is 21. That has happened twice, in the same season – 2001, when the Osprey opened 8-7, then rolled off back-to-back 21-win months in July (21-8) and August (21-9) on their way to a club-best 52-24 mark.

(We’re in the process of processing all of the games to date, which will be done shortly. The Stats, Inc. files were incredibly helpful for us, and will make the task a lot easier than first thought.)

For the 2011 Osprey to break that mark … they would have to run the table, which would mean a nine-game win streak, something that they haven’t done since … we believe … 2001. Again, we’ll be able to answer that fully in a few days.

Now, to best win percentage in a month … that is actually much more of a realistic goal. The current mark (for months with at least 10 games) is June 1999, when the Osprey started their run in Missoula with an 11-4 mark, or .733 winning percentage. For the current club to achieve that mark, all they would have to do is split the next four games, which would put them at 22-7 for the month, or a .741 win percentage.

More info coming soon … stay tuned!

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