Debuts, hit streaks and knocking off old friends (Take 2)

Somehow, Take 1 did not include anything … except a headline. Let’s try this again …

– First, former Osprey pitcher Kevin Eichhorn (2008-10) tossed his first-ever nine-inning complete game against … the South Bend Silver Hawks … on Monday. Eichhorn should have been in South Bend this season, but a trade sent him to the Detroit Tigers organization instead.

– Former Osprey first baseman Paul Goldschmidt (2009) went 1-for-4 in his debut with the Arizona Diamondbacks on Monday. The D-backs won the game, 5-2, while Goldy collected a single in his first MLB at-bat, which came against Matt Cain. Tuesday, it will not get any easier, as the D-backs will face … Tin Lincecum.

Now on to Hit Streaks … Eric Groff is currently at 18 games, which is the third-best in Osprey history. The list of the top streaks:
20 – Will Crouch (8/13-9/4/2005)
19 – Scott Hairston (8/14-9/2/2001)
19 – Kyle Greene (6/21-8/1/2008)
18 – Eric Groff (7/13/11-current)
17 – Tyler Jones (6/28-7/19/2006)
16 – Ricardo Cruz (8/2-8/23/2005)
15 – RayWilly Gomez (7/1-17/2009)
13 – Pedro Ciriaco (8/10-8/24/2005)
13 – Rusty Ryal (8/6-8/21/2005)
13 – Jeramy Janz (6/17-7/3/2001)
13 – Corey Myers (6/18-7/1/1999)
13 – Richie Rowland (6/24-7/6/2010)

Groff also joins Lyle Overbay (1999) and Andrew Fie (2006) as the only Osprey players to have at least two 10-game hitting streaks in the same season. Overbay and Fie each had hit streaks of 12, 10 and 9 games in their first seasons. Fie played again in Missoula in 2007.

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