Starting Lineups, Osprey Nugget #1 Answer and the Next One

by Ben Catley

OK, let’s put last night behind. File it under “T” for Time To Move On. One of the greatest things about baseball, is that today is always anew, there’s always tomorrow and the memories of yesterday only get better with age.

Now, for the lineups, and the Osprey Nugget segment of the day:

Missoula Osprey (13-12, 38-25) starting lineup:
Tom Belza (DH)
Chris Ellison (LF)
Eric Groff (2B)
Jon Griffin (1B)
Ryan Court (3B)
Stephen Cardullo (SS)
Roidany Aguila (C)
Jeremia Gomez (RF)
Justin Bianco (CF)
Taylor Siemens (LHP)

Ogden Raptors (12=13, 34-29) starting lineup:
Scott Wingo (2B)
Noel Cuevas (LF)
Joc Pederson (CF)
O'Koyea Dickson (DH)
Scott Schebler (RF)
Matt Kirkland (1B)
Andrew Edge (C)
Justin Boudreaux (SS)
Alexis Aguilar (3B)
Ryan O'Sullivan (RHP) - will be followed by RHP Freddie Cabrera

To the Osprey Nugget segment ….
Answer to Nugget #1 – Lyle Overbay (1999), JD Closser (1999) and Eric Groff (2011) are the only Osprey to ever collect 20+ doubles, 10+ home runs, and 9+ steals in a season. Overbay is the only one to hit the triple-double in those categories, he had 10 stolen bases.

To Nugget #2, for tonight’s entry …
While we’re not expecting a duplication of the Adrian Gonzalez effort, it should be noted that Osprey outfielder Jeremia Gomez has hit a home run on each of the last two pitches he has seen. Gomez – who was benched after doing what baseball players call a “pimp job”, or watching his two-run blast that went well over 400 feet and splashed into a pond on the other side of the grass seating area at Brent Brown Ballpark on Tuesday – has promised to act like he’s been there before the next time he crushes a ball like that.

By the way, it reminds us of another “pimp job”, delivered by former Osprey Adam Eaton (2010) last season. Note two things, though … the request for time out that was never granted, and Roberto Rodriguez’s reaction in the dugout.

While watching BP, I just saw one of the longest home runs I have seen hit here at any time at Lindquist Field. Eric Groff hit over the 390-foot sign to the left of straightaway center field, and onto the middle of 23rd street, which runs behind the left-field wall. That ball bounced above the top of the wall by a good four feet after it hit the street. Someone will find that at the corner of 23rd and Grant (which runs a half-block behind the right-field fence).

May that be a good sign for tonight …

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