Lineups for the return home

Here are tonight’s starting lineups:

Great Falls Voyagers

Great Falls Voyagers
6 Qualon Millender CF
2 David Herbek SS
7 Joe De Pinto 2B
25 Mark Haddow RF
11 Michael Earley DH
30 Martin Medina 1B
20 Jimmy Jacquot C
18 Kyle Eveland 3B
1 Randall Thorpe LF
33 Brandon Parrent LHP
Missoula Osprey
30 Chris Ellison CF
19 Ryan Court 1B
12 Eric Groff 3B
35 Jon Griffin DH
11 Tom Belza 2B
23 Fidel Pena SS
38 Stephen Cardullo RF
24 Roidany Aguila C
17 Tyler Linton LF
28 Dexter Price RHP

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