Goldy labeled “Breakout Star” by MLB Network

by Ben Catley

Well, it took three years, a smashing debut into the Major Leagues and a postseason run to remember … but the man we know as Goldy is finally in a Top 10 list we like.

OK, let’s go one better … it’s a Prime 9 List.

Former Osprey first baseman Paul Goldschmidt was named the seventh best Breakout Prospect on the MLB Network’s Prime 9 segment of MLB Hot Stove recently. Goldschmidt hit eight home runs in 48 games, batting .250 and driving in 26 runs after getting called up to the Arizona Diamondbacks on August 1.

So much for getting snubbed from the Pioneer League All-Star team in 2009, eh? Since then, Goldschmidt has earned MVP honors in two different leagues, as well as mid-season and post-season All-Star honors in both the California League and Southern League. And former baseball executive and current MLB Network analyist Larry Luccino is calling for Goldschmidt to have a 30-plus home run season in 2012.

“When he hits it, it has a different sound and they go way out of the ballpark,” said Luccino of Goldschmidt at the plate.

Uh … yup, they do.

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