They’re playing games, Goldy, and a “Really?” moment

First … really?

The second spring game of the season, with a sold-out crowd at Salt River Fields on Sunday, ended poorly for the Arizona Diamondbacks, as they lost to San Francisco, 11-1.

That’s not the part where you can hear “really?” echo everywhere … it’s the 41-minute delay on a sunny day that brings that up. And it involved, indirectly, outfielder Adam Eaton (2010 Osprey), who was apparently a party to the swarm of bees that invaded Salt River Fields. We found the skinny on the start in right-center field here, complete with a “not the bees” line delivered expertly by Nicholas Cage. And the headline gets more than a Bee-plus from us here at Bird Droppings.

Now you can play it … REALLY?? (We wish we had the Ben Catley clip of him saying it during a broadcast, but technical difficulties are preventing that from happening. At the moment.)

On to the notes of the day:
– How important are the right veterans? Just ask Paul Goldschmidt (2009), who feels that learning from veterans last spring put him in position to be where he is now.

– Can the D-backs afford to sign catcher Miguel Montero (2002-03) to an extension? According to some … no. We’re thinking here that it gets done, because you get the feeling Miggy wants to stay in the AZ, even though the D-backs have backed away from the table after Yadier Molina signed for a King’s Ransom in St. Louis. However, it looks to be something that both sides will hold off on discussing until after the 2012 season ends. D-backs CEO Derrick Hall also addressed the Montero contract situation in a chat session last week.

– The D-backs are 1-1-1 at the moment, tying the Rockies in 10 innings in their opener at Salt River Fields, and beating the Giants in Scottsdale, 9-6, in a split-squad game on Saturday. Rusty Ryal and Jake Elmore each contributed to the win for the D-backs. Ryal, who was suffering from a tight groin muscle, left the game earlier than planned, so we’ll keep an eye out for that.

– Ahh … the first 2012 MLB Mock Draft that we’ve been able to post.

– In the “Taking Care of the Clerical Business” File, the D-backs now have officially signed all of their players on their 40-man roster, which includes Goldy, Gerardo Parra (2006), Bryan Shaw (2008) and Yonata Ortega (2007).

The D-backs play the Rockies today at Salt River Fields … we’ll keep an ear to the ground and update on anything newsworthy when we can.

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