Update – roster move and survivors from Cut 1

by Ben Catley

OK, first, a couple of updates on non-player stuff …

– Just in case you missed it, the Osprey have a new road cap. Before you say “they didn’t change it all that much”, when you go from all royal to royal and black, even my eyes can tell a difference. I think it looks sharp, and it better matches the road unis.

– Also, an inside scoop … coming soon will be the announcement of the 2012 Promotions Calendar. Oh. My. Goodness. There are some cool things coming up for fans to enjoy, both on the weekly calendar as well as the giveaway side of things. That should be coming before the end of the month – and maybe before my predictions are published for the next Osprey to rise to the Major Leagues.

Now, on to the stuff I know you want …

– The D-backs cut 12 players from Spring Training camp on Thursday, including shortstop Chris Owings (2009), who was reassigned to Class A Advanced Visalia. Doesn’t mean he will start the season there, but it is a good chance the Cal League will feel the wrath if he can get the bat going this spring.

– That leaves nine former Osprey in the MLB Camp – including outfielder Adam Eaton (2010), catcher Rossmel Perez (2008), infielder Rusty Ryal (2005) and pitcher Charles Brewer (2009). The D-backs have liked what they have seen from all four, and it’s likely that any one of the four could either be auditioning for a call-up during the season, or in the case of Eaton, showing enough depth to consider trading one of the four outfielders who look to stick on the 25-man roster, sans Jason Kubel and Justin Upton. Which leaves Chris Young and Gerardo Parra (2006), who was the subject of trade talks earlier in the off-season, but will likely get plenty of time in the outfield as the season progresses. (Of course, I wrote that then found thisand this … so maybe Parra gets traded, maybe not.)

(Side note – there is one good thing about Parra being all over the Bleacher Report blog, on both sides of the trade equation … it shows that he has become quite the baseball commodity.)

– It looks like there will be one less former Osprey pitcher on the free-agent market during this off-season, as it appears Jorge De La Rosa (1999) will exercise his option for 2013. If he does that, then he would also leave a club option on the table for 2014, which could lock him up for two more seasons total, especially if he preforms well post-Tommy John.

– Ugly Stat of the Week: Even with a grand slam for Goldy figured in from Wednesday, Paul Goldschmidt (2009) and Miguel Montero (2002-03) are a combined 5-for-33 entering today’s Cactus League action.

On a brighter note, Parra is hitting .300. So … from Ben’s Numbers Don’t Lie Folder – the kid has hit at every level he has played. And, apparently, he’s also working hard this spring, which is nothing new, either.

(Parra Side Note #2: Hey, Kevin … don’t trade him. You’re better off going with fewer strikeouts and calling up Eaton, and giving your D-backs a true leadoff man. With those three in the outfield … Eaton, Parra and Upton … nothing would hit the ground. OK, dream machine off for now …)

(Side note #3 – Why do they have to show Parra striking out in the MLB 12 The Show demo?)

On a personal note, if you were to tell me that Scott Elarton would last longer in Philadelphia Phillies camp than Dontrelle Willis, I would have not believed you. I had the chance to get to know Elarton a bit – I used to work in Lamar, CO, where he was born and raised, knew his younger brother and dad, still talk to his brother every so often. He’s as down-home as it gets, and to see him give it one more run (right now, pain-free – his arm (namely his shoulder) hasn’t been healthy for years) is cool. He’ll probably start at Triple-A, but it also seems he’s got plenty of fans in Philly. So we shall see … this also reminds me of something else, but we’ll share that one later.

Thanks for reading, and don’t over-celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day. Be safe!

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