Trimming numbers, again, and Mistaken ID #2 of the Spring

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

– The Arizona Diamondbacks have made some more cuts in the roster, sending eight more players to minor-league camp. They include right-handed pitcher Charles Brewer (2009), who will open the season at Double-A Mobile, and infielder RustyRyal (2005), who will head to Triple-A Reno. Interesting part about the story comes at the end, where D-backs manager Kirk Gibson gets the question of why Brewer and top 2011 MLB Draft pick Trevor Bauer, who is also apparently headed to Double-A.

– Former Osprey outfielder Chris Ellison (2011) appeared in a Cactus League game for the D-backs, although it took some sleuthing to find out. Unless you were actually there. (Note from Ben Catley – “I saw he was wearing a D-backs uniform, and it didn’t look like a back field he was playing on, so he must have played in a MLB game … thank goodness for Facebook and Ellie’s wife and her camera skills!”)

– The guys at AZ SnakePit deliver their latest roundtable edition. Mentions include Paul Goldschmidt (2009), Gerardo Parra (2006), Adam Eaton (2010) and Miguel Montero (2002-03).

– The time for Eaton and some of the other youngsters in Major League will be coming to an end soon. Here’s the latest sign as to why that will be happening. Other than the fact that Opening Day is like 10 days away …

– Here’s Miggy’s take on former Osprey pitcher Archie Bradley (2011). Which is pretty spot-on.

That should keep you going for now. Ben’s predictions on the next rising Osprey to make their MLB debuts should be out by the end of the week. From what we understand, it’s the second options he keeps changing his mind about.


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