Roster Announcement Day, Part 1

by Ben Catley

I tweeted this earlier today – Roster-announce day … one of my favorite days of pre-season activities. We’ll find out where all former Osprey will start their ’12 run.

It is indeed that day. Which means more than one blog entry … in fact, there’s already one set of announcements we have to share, but I figured the news of the day would be good to handle first.

So, with that said, let’s get to what else is making news on the Monday before Opening Day …

– Good piece on D-backs in the minors who will make an impact in 2012. Oddly enough, the first one on the list, Bryan Shaw (2008) will be on the Opening Day roster for the D-backs. There is one expected name, and one surprise former Osprey mentioned.

An oldie but a goodie on former Osprey outfielder Adam Eaton (2010), who will start the season at Double-A Mobile.

– posted their Top Prospect List a while back (which is in their insider area, so it requires a subscription … otherwise, I’d just link it), and I was shocked with how many players on this list are from the last three drafts. Not shocked that 33 of the 50 have played in Missoula … here’s the list of former O’s who made the cut:

3 RHP Archie Bradley (2011)
7 OF Adam Eaton (2010)
9 LHP David Holmberg (2010)
10 1B Bobby Borchering (2009)
12 RHP Charles Brewer (2009)
13 SS Chris Owings (2009)
14 LHP Andrew Chafin (2011)
16 RHP Anthony Meo (2011)
19 2B David Nick (2009)
20 OF Keon Broxton (2009)
22 LHP Patrick Schuster (2009-10)
23 C/2B Fidel Pena (2010-11)
24 RHP Chase Anderson (2009)
25 RHP Yonata Ortega (2007)
26 C Rossmel Perez (2008)
27 RHP Jesse Darrah (2011)
28 LHP Taylor Siemens (2011)
29 LHP Eury De La Rosa (2009)
30 RHP J.R. Bradley (2010)
31 SS Raul Navarro (2010)
32 RHP Mike Belfiore (2009)
37 C Raywilly Gomez (2009)
38 RHP Jeff Shields (2010)
40 2B Jake Elmore (2008)
41 RHP Kable Hogben (2009)
42 LHP Keith Hessler (2010)
44 RHP Blake Cooper (2010)
45 LHP Dan Taylor (2010)
46 RHP Raymond Hernandez (2011)
47 OF Ender Inciarte (2009)
48 RHP Victor Capellan (2010)
49 RHP Matt Sample (2011)
50 RHP D.J. Johnson (2011)

– Speaking of Hessler, he’s the latest former Osprey to make an appearance in a Cactus League game.

– This one may surprise some people – it’s a look at what the D-backs 25-man roster would look like based on Cactus League time played. There are a handful of surprises in this piece, too, especially the outfield NOT on the list.

– A piece on former Osprey shortstop Pedro Ciriaco (2005), who has found some offense this spring and may parlay that into a spot on the Red Sox Opening Day roster.

This is the main reason I keep my keys on me. At all times. Well played, Puma, well played …

That’s it for now on the news side. However, keep checking in as we should have roster announcements during the day today. If not, then we will post a summary tomorrow evening.

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