Opening Day ’12 – Part 4

So the Arizona Diamondbacks are one of the teams that doesn’t open the season until today … which, by our best count, is Day 4 of Opening Day. Which is why Major League Baseball is marketing things now as “Opening Week”.

And a good number of baseball fans are all for it.

Let’s face it, you have to at least be an Osprey fan to read this blog, if not a baseball fan. And baseball fans, at least once in their lives, have thought that Opening Day should have been a federal holiday, especially since the game is our National Pastime.

Now, instead, we have layers of openers … which all started with Oakland and Seattle playing their first two games in Japan. Then the next Opening Day happened on Wednesday, when Emilio Bonifacio (2003) managed to become the first Miami Marlin to reach base in an official game in Marlins Park, thanks to getting hit by a Kyle Loshe pitch. For six innings, it was the only kind of hit the Marlins could muster in their loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.

(By the way, at this pace, the anticipated date of the first Ozzie Guillen meltdown of 2012 has been pushed up to April 30.)

And over the past two days, more openers. More home openers happen next week. Ahh … it’s a great time of the year. And a dozen Osprey are on Major League rosters to boot

Now that we feel much warmer than it is outside at the moment – it’s snowing in Missoula as we type – on to the rest of the stuff …

– A Bird Droppings first … a story of a past Osprey catcher and of a future (at least what has been published) Osprey catcher getting mentioned in the same paragraph. Read for the link between Miguel Montero (2002-03) and Michael Perez (2012).

Here’s today’s Minor League Roundup from AZ SnakePit. A handful of former Osprey are mentioned. Beginning next week, we’ll take a more Osprey-focused look at each of the minor-league teams in the D-backs system.

Look who is throwing out the first pitch(es) in the desert today. Hmm … will recruits judge where to go by the accuracy each will possess (or not) when they throw out the first pitch?

– You may want to go back and check the list of former Osprey outside of the D-backs system post. We’ve added a couple of names. One of them, right-handed pitcher Bryan Augenstein (2007), is in the starting rotation for the Durham Bulls (Triple-A, Tampa Bay).

– Sometime this weekend, we’ll post the full list of former Osprey in action. Also still working on the extended list, too … as soon as we have that nailed down, we’ll be posting on that as well.

That will be all for now … thanks for your readership! We had our second-best readership week since the blog went full-bore last year, with still over a day remaining.

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