More Droppings, Hester called up and more …

by Ben Catley

First, the following announcement on Bird Droppings … we …. wait, breaking news first ….

– It looks like catcher John Hester (2006) caught a good break when Chris Ianetta caught a bad one. The starting catcher for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim was hit by a pitch in the same game he caught Jared Weaver’s no-hitter, took three games off, then caught three more games before the diagnosis of a broken bone in the right wrist. Surgery will be preformed and Ianetta will be out for a while.

And, with Hank Conger also ailing with an arm injury, Hester gets to draw on his brief stint with the D-backs as experience, while he will come up to the big club and fill in when needed.

It has been a wild month for Hester, who was released by the Baltimore Orioles, then signed by the Angels. Hester was hitting .222 with a homer and five RBIs for Triple-A Sale Lake before the call-up.

OK, let’s try this again … wait, more news to pass along …

– Adam Eaton is good. He’s even better when he has someone hitting around him in the lineup which is like … well, him. And EatonMania is running wild in Reno …

OK, this is not news. We here in O’s land have seen first-hand what the graduate of Kenton Ridge High School in Springfield, Ohio can do. It is news when his running mate in the batting order played before him in Missoula.

The Eaton-Jake Elmore (2008) ticket may have been the ticket to get the Triple-A Reno Aces going. They have won seven in a row, and now lead their division for the first time this season.

Eaton is hitting .388, and is currently leading the Pacific Coast League in hitting. Yes, you read that right. Spank leads the PCL in batting average, and would lead in on-base percentage as well, if it weren’t for the veteran Elmore, who leads the league with a .453 OBP.

When your top two guys are getting on base about 45 percent of the time … well, things happen. And they are usually good for your offense. And the order below them has benefited greatly from the RBI chances they get as well.

Here’s some other quick hitters Osprey-related, then I will give you the other news …

– It looks like the contract talks with the D-backs and former Osprey catcher Miguel Montero (2002-03) may be opening again behind closed doors. Before you think too hard on that one, it looks as if they want to keep it as quiet as possible. Reportedly, Miggy is seeking a four-year deal worth about $52 million.

– Minor-league notes from the AZ SnakePit folk from Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Some good stuff on guys like Eaton, Elmore, Chase Anderson (2009) and others.

– There’s a former Osprey who has landed in the San Diego Padres organization. It’s Daniel Stange (2006), who reportedly signed a minor-league deal with the Padres earlier this week.

So where has Paul Goldschmidt’s power gone? There are plenty of theories out there … I even have one. Goldschmidt (2009) looks too uncomfortable at the plate. His stance is too wide. But the piece brings about the best one of all, and he will be fine, because at every level he has played at in his career, he has shown the ability to adjust to what the opposing pitchers are doing, and make you pay for your mistakes. By the way, anyone know if Tim “Goldy owns me” Lincecum is pitching in the upcoming series between the D-backs and San Francisco Giants??

OK the news … starting next week, Bird Droppings will be coming at your nearly every day. Which means we’ll be back to doing the Osprey Minor League Alumni Update on a daily basis, including that day’s top performances. You should start seeing it more frequently beginning this Monday, May 14. Why? Simple … yours truly has to get in Game Shape, because we’re closing in on the best time of the year … Osprey baseball season!!

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