How to beat Vegas

As you may know, our own Ollie Osprey is among the final 64 candidates for Mascot Mania, an event put on by which is meant to determine, by fan vote, who is the best mascot in all of minor league baseball.

Ollie was pleased to be a part of the field, and felt like Montana men’s basketball, when he essentially received, according to The Dude from Corridor fame, a No. 13 seed in the West region. He’s paired up with Cosmo, the mascot  for the Triple-A Las Vegas 51s.

So, how do you beat Vegas? Well, we asked around.

We asked people in the know … successful card players, people who love slot machines, card dealers and, last but not least, pit bosses. Their response … no comment.

So we tried everything. Then we talked to members of the Osprey front office. They had their own theories.

The answer …
1. Get your friends to be involved. Often. You can stuff the ballot box, so go for it!!
2. Trade votes. Members of the Osprey front office have already been employing this tactic, getting votes for Ollie in exchange for votes for their mascot, if they are in the Mania voting. Although our full-season affiliates forgot someone (this was found on both the South Bend Silver Hawks and the Visalia Rawhide websites … apparently they forgot to send this to Reno …) …

3. Ask our Osprey Nation members on both Facebook and Twitter to spread the word and do the same thing.

First-round voting goes through May 29, so get to networking people!!!

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