Lineups from Helena for Wednesday

Right now, the tarp is being taken off the field here at Kindrick Legion Field in Helena. The reason the tarp was on in the first place? Well, to be honest, we’re not sure. It did rain for a bit, which prompted the tarp to go on the field, but there was not much rain and, after the tarp was in place, what rain there was stopped. Now apparently, on someone’s radar, they were saying the chance of rain existed for a while. However, with the dry weather pattern we have had, that did not materialize.

It’s been an odd day anyway – the team opted to stay at the hotel for another hour later than normal, and with batting practice getting the ax on the field, it was cage time. So it has a feel of a Sunday game – or a show-and-go at this level.

We’re on the air a little later tonight – 6:45 with the pre-game, and the first pitch slated for 7:05. We’ll talk to relief pitcher Patrick Smith on our pre-game interview. Listen in on AM 930 KMTP or online at

Here are tonight’s lineups:

Missoula (7-3, 25-23)
14 Pedro Ruiz SS
35 Evan Marzilli CF
18 Jake Lamb 3B
7 Michael Perez C
19 Socrates Brito DH
21 Breland Almadova RF
9 Danny Pulfer 2B
17 Ty Linton LF
30 Tyler Bream 1B
48 Yoimer Camacho RHP

Helena (4-6, 17-31)
22 Ruben Ozuna LF
3 Chris McFarland 2B
8 Alfredo Rodriguez SS
9 Adam Giacalone 1B
2 Emmanuel Quiles DH
6 Michael Reed CF
25 Paul Eshelman C
18 Andres Martinez 3B
11 Yonki Hernandez RF
34 Ryan Gibbard RHP

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