Elmore promoted to D-backs

by Ben Catley

Jake Elmore, who played in Missoula in 2008, has been promoted from Triple-A Reno to the Arizona Diamondbacks. The 34th round pick in the 2008 MLB Draft out of Arizona State University becomes the 37th former Osprey player to earn a spot on a Major League Baseball roster, and the first to make his debut on a roster this season.

For those of you who read this, the move should be no surprise. Elmore, who along with Adam Eaton tore up Pacific Coast League pitching, has posted a career-best season for the Aces, ranking in the league’s top five in a number of statistical categories.

Also, remember this?? Yes, someone sort of called this shot. When I went back and read what I had wrote on March 31, I could not believe my eyes. Especially this line:

ETA: My guess is, if he has a great season at Triple-A, late 2012

Of course, I went on to say, because I felt strongly about it, that it would either be Eaton or no position players in 2012. But the big season pieced together by Elmore just cememted things for him. He will get a bit of a look to see what he can do, and see if he can continue to be part of the possible equation.

“Elmo” is one of my favorite Osprey of all time, so here’s to him sticking in the Major Leagues.

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