Lineups for the Final Round in Billings

It’s a decent day in Billings as the Osprey get ready to take on the Billings Mustangs here at Dehler Park. The Osprey are hoping to win the series today, while the Mustangs look for a split – which would put them one game up on the Osprey with four to play, including two more in Missoula.

The Osprey will leave here after the game and head to Great Falls, as they will play their final two road games of the regular season against the first-half champion Voyagers.

Now to the lineups – oh, one more thing – we’re on the air at 1:45 today, with the first pitch scheduled for 2:05, on AM 930 KMTP and online at

Missoula (19-14, 37-34)
14 Pedro Ruiz SS
35 Evan Marzilli CF
18 Jake Lamb 3B
7 Michael Perez C
19 Socrates Brito RF
21 Breland Almadova DH
30 Tyler Bream 1B
15 Alex Glenn LF
38 Andrew Velazquez 2B
44 Chris Pack RHP

Billings (19-14, 40-31)
41 Beau Amaral CF
4 Zach Vincej SS
23 Jesse Winker LF
13 Seth Mejias-Brean 3B
35 Carlos Sanchez 1B
26 Daniel Pigott RF
24 Matt Lentz DH
40 Robert Ramirez 2B
28 Julio Morillo C
51 Joel Bender LHP

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