Lineups, more Goldy … yeah, that will work.

Leading off … Paul Goldschmidt has been named USA Today Minor League Player of the Year. The story is a great write-up on not only the present, but his past as well.

Starting Lineups:
Great Falls Voyagers
7 Joe De Pinto 2B2 David Herbek SS
21 Kevan Smith C
25 Mark Haddow DH30 Martin Medina 1B
11 Michael Earley RF
10 Jeffer Patino 3B
1 Randall Thorpe CF
4 Andrew Dougls LF
44 Stephen McCray RHP

Missoula Osprey
30 Chris Ellison RF
18 Justin Bianco CF
11 Tom Belza 2B
35 Jon Griffin 1B
19 Ryan Court 3B
38 Stephen Cardullo SS
24 Roidany Aguila C
16 Bryan Henry DH
17 Ty Linton LF
46 Johan Jaime LHP

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