Tonight’s starting lineups in Helena …

Here we go … and, by the way, something happened today in the clubhouse … Vitamin C. As in the group. Yes, if you don’t know them, we don’t blame you … they have one really big hit, known as “The Graduation Song”. It was blaring in the clubhouse today, and some were even singing along with it. There’s a different vibe today … and it may be a good thing.

Now, to the lineups …

Missoula Osprey:
30 Chris Ellison CF
23 Fidel Pena C
12 Eric Groff 2B
35 Jon Griffin 1B
11 Tom Belza DH
19 Ryan Court 3B
38 Stephen Cardullo SS
7 Jeremia Gomez RF
17 Tyler Linton LF
28 Dexter Price RHP

Helena Brewers:
82 Robbie Garvey CF
15 Yadiel Rivera SS
10 Ben McMahan LF
68 Parker Berberet C
30 Max Walla RF
31 Kyle Dhanani 3B
54 Steve Felix DH
79 Mike Nemeth 1B
16 Adrian Williams 2B
57 Kevin Shackelford RHP

Pre-game will be at 6:45 tonight … a look at the team’s record-book chances, and ones already set, will be the focus.

Also, a reminder … Sunday in Billings, we start at 4:05, Monday is a 2:05 start. We have plugged it on the air often, but will more so tonight and tomorrow.

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