Lineups for July 7 at Helena and news …

First to some injury updates … there is good news and better news. The good news is that Michael Perez, who was crossed up on a pitch late in last night’s game in Great Falls, seems to be much better this afternoon. He was hit on the joint of his left thumb. The plan is to take it easy with Perez, but it’s likely that he will not play this weekend in Helena. However, you never know …

The news is much better for Evan Marzilli, who also left last night’s game with a leg injury. He’s getting today off, and will likely be back in the lineup tomorrow.

Speaking of the lineups, here are the lineups for tonight’s game in Helena:

Missoula (11-8)
14 Pedro Ruiz SS
19 Socrates Brito CF
18 Jake Lamb 3B
33 Rudy Flores 1B
26 Yosbel Gutierrez C
30 Tyler Bream DH
17 Ty Linton LF
15 Justin Bianco RF
12 John Leonard 2B
37 Jared Ray RHP

Helena (5-14)
6 Michael Reed CF
8 Alfredo Rodriguez SS
3 Chris McFarland 2B
9 Adam Giacalone 1B
2 Emmanuel Quiles C
29 Mike Nemeth 3B
5 Raul Mondesi, Jr. RF
15 Michael Turay DH
11 Yonki Hernandez LF
26 Tyler Wagner RHP

Breland Almadova is the pre-game show guest – since we did not really have a pre-game show last night. Unless it rains hard again here in Helena (which is did for about two minutes earlier today), we’ll be starting at 6:40 with the pre-game, and the first pitch will be at 7:05, on AM 930 KMPT and on


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