Lineups for an early Sunday start in Helena

Here are today’s lineups for today’s game in Helena:

Missoula (11-9)
14 Pedro Ruiz SS
35 Evan Marzilli LF
18 Jake Lamb 3B
33 Rudy Flores 1B
19 Socrates Brito CF
21 Breland Almadova RF
9 Danny Pulfer DH
50 Kevin Dultz C
12 John Leonard 2B
48 Yoimer Camacho RHP  (NOTE: Ross Gerdeman will pitch behind Camacho, who is expected to go 3-4 innings in his return to the starting rotation)

Helena (6-14)
6 Michael Reed CF
8 Alfredo Rodriguez SS
3 Chris McFarland 2B
9 Adam Giacalone 1B
2 Emmanuel Quiles DH
29 Mike Nemeth 3B
5 Raul Mondesi, Jr. RF
25 Paul Eshelman C
11 Yonki Hernandez LF
19 Will West LHP

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