Lineups for Monday in Helena

by Ben Catley

Tonight, you have our permission to have your ears on Osprey baseball and your eyes on Carlos Gonzalez (2003), who is participating in the State Farm Home Run Derby tonight.

First though, stop here and vote for Socrates Brito in the 6th Annual MiLB Monkier Madness.

Here are tonight’s lineups from Helena, as the O’s look to salvage one at Kindrick Legion Field. By the way, if attitude won games before you start, then the Osprey would be up 10-0 out of the chute. They are ready to play tonight.

Missoula (11-10)
14 Pedro Ruiz SS
35 Evan Marzilli LF
18 Jake Lamb 3B
21 Breland Almadova CF
33 Rudy Flores 1B
26 Yosbel Gutierrez C
17 Ty Linton DH
15 Justin Bianco RF
12 John Leonard 2B
44 Chris Pack RHP

Helena (7-14)
13 Tyrone Taylor DH
8 Alfredo Rodriguez SS
3 Chris McFarland 2B
9 Adam Giacalone 1B
2 Emmanuel Quiles C
6 Michael Reed CF
5 Raul Mondesi, Jr. RF
29 Mike Nemeth 3B
22 Ruben Ozuna LF
17 Mike Schaub RHP

Pre-game tonight … well, still up in the air. We will hear from someone tonight at 6:40. My secret … listen in on AM 930 KMPT and online at

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