New Rotation for the O’s, CarGo at ASG

by Ben Catley

OK … first, Carlos Gonzalez (2003) was 0-for-2 while batting leadoff for the National League in Tuesday’s All-Star Game in Kansas City. CarGo, who was the team’s designated hitter, set a little bit of Osprey history in the game, becoming the first Missoula alum to start an midsummer classic. He’s the third former Osprey to play in the game, joining Miguel Montero (2002-03) and Jose Valverde (2000). Valverde pitched for the NL in 2007, and for the AL in both 2010 and 2011. Montero played for the National League in 2011.

Now, the Missoula Osprey have announced a change in their starting rotation for this week. Five right-handers will be in the rotation – Karl Triana will go on Wednesday, while Yoimer Camacho goes Thursday and Jared Ray gets the start on Friday against Grand Junction, with Ross Gerdeman pitching Saturday and Chris Pack on Sunday against Orem. Triana and Camacho will go on Monday and Tuesday against the Owlz. More information to come on this tomorrow …

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