Bits and Pieces … Feb. 15

First, kudos to Ollie Osprey. That bird delivered Valentine’s Day surprises to many of our fans … Nothing like getting a chance to help Osprey Nation express their love for their significant others …

Ollie Osprey actually started his Valentine's Day deliveries one day early.

Ollie Osprey actually started his Valentine’s Day deliveries one day early, but managed to deliver a number of surprises over the past couple of days.

Ollie managed to deliver plenty of flowers, chocolate and smiles throughout the past couple of days. For now, Ollie is back to nesting at his favorite spot at an undisclosed location. Ollie will be back soon enough, because as he admits, he can’t stay away long from Missoula. Although he may need to go to Florida and teach his brethern how to not drop their fish …

More of the bits and pieces of news on some of Ollie’s favorite former Osprey:

Adam Eaton (2010 Osprey) is getting a lot of respect from some of the media these days. After being named to the Top 100 MLB Prospect List by, Eaton has been named the No. 9 player of the USA Today Top 100 Names You Need To Know. It’s actually a good list put together that, while it doesn’t rank prospects, it gets into more of who has a chance to make an impact in 2013. And as we all know, Eaton has that chance in front of him now.

And he’s not the only former Osprey on this list – David Holmberg (2010)  is No. 35 on the list. Holmberg is among the non-roster invitees to Spring Training with the D-backs, so we shall see what kind of impression he can make with the parent club in the next few weeks.

– Apparently, there was a spat between former Osprey, and current D-backs catcher, Miguel Montero (2002-03) and 2011 No. 1 pick for the D-backs in the MLB Draft, Trevor Bauer. You see, Montero wants to control the game and what a pitcher is throwing. Makes sense, right?? After all, the catcher not only helps the pitcher get through each hitter, but he would like to know what’s coming, so he can catch it.

Well, apparently Bauer doesn’t like that all too much.

But to say that this is a little flare-up that was cured by a trade (Bauer to the Cleveland Indians) is beginning to be off the mark when it comes to these two, who won’t be having lunch together any time soon.

Montero shared his displeasure with the young right-hander during FanFest this past weekend. Bauer, who apparently thinks that Montero’s criticism could possibly be one of the things that helped lead to his trade to Cleveland, laid down a rap song in December, which has gone viral.

(We should warn you … tread carefully. Bauer is likely not going to be in line for a Grammy any time soon, and this is according to Bauer himself …)

Since that came out, Indians management has talked to Bauer … telling him to basically not to do such a thing again. Tribe manager Terry Francona is calling it a “non-story” in an attempt for it to go away.

And if you’re wondering … the D-backs won’t see the Indians but twice, March 21-22, during the Cactus League schedule. Hopefully, for all involved … it does go away.

– The first full-squad workout for the D-backs is taking place this morning. More than likely, more minor-league players will be rolling in over the weekend, as their report dates happen this coming week. Within eight days – February 23, to be exact – the D-backs get to playing Cactus League games, taking on the Colorado Rockies in their first two games of the Spring at Salt River Fields.

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